Monthly Archive: January, 2012

50 Push Ups

I’ve always wanted to do as many push-ups as my sister.  But I will start with 50 first!  To go from 5 to 50, the trick is to do more push-ups.  If you… Continue reading

I shop in Men’s

Today a representative from Under Armour’s female clothing line joined my running group to share some samples and ask for feedback.  Around mile 4, I explained to her that as a Muslim woman,… Continue reading

“You Don’t Look Muslim”

Hijab-less, people say I look White–usually Jewish.  And whenever a prospective FEMALE Craig’s List roommate visits, I wear the same T-shirt: The guests show interest in the room, and give props about… Continue reading

Running on Vacation

Is so fun: Albany, Oregon is a valley; I see mountains no matter which direction I run. Miles of green carpets are more picturesque than pictures themselves. Frequent encounters with wild turkeys in… Continue reading