Running in Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of spiritual training more than physical training.  For one month, we abstain from food and drink from dawn to sunset, and devote the extra time to focus on serving those in need, celebrating community, and improving our relationship with God.

So running is not my priority in Ramadan.  Nevertheless, I run a few times/week for fun, and to stay in shape for Fall marathons.  Without food or water from 4:30am – 8:30pm, my runs are fueled instead by the nourishment of the soul.  I always get thirsty, and often extremely so.  Then, when the sun sets, I am humbled and grateful.  The supplication that my tongue rapidly utters comes true, limb by limb:

“The thirst is gone, the veins are moistened, and the reward is confirmed, if God wills.”

Ramadan Mubarak! May this Ramadan bring our human family closer to peace, love, and tranquility.

[Drawing of the new moon sighting, signifying the start of Ramadan, from Fremont, California.  Inspired by my brother’s camera depiction.]