Spinning Class

While training for my upcoming 50K , I’ve realized that I need to cross-train on the non-running days. Conveniently, my friend Sakinah convinced me to join the Hopkins Homewood Gym. I get terribly bored on treadmills, ellipticals, or anything stationary, so I am trying out classes instead. When I saw Spinning on the schedule, I did not think it would be fulfilling because it is after all, an hour on a bike that does not move.


Description: 5 minutes setting up bike, 5 minutes warming up, 35 minutes spinning (climbing, running, jumping, sprinting & keeping up with the quick-paced tempo), 5 minutes cooling down. We end with 5 minutes of stretching and 5 minutes clean-up.

Favorite Move: JUMPING! On a high resistance, instructor calls up, and I jump out of my seat, then calls down, and I fall back down. Jumping adds excitement to the routine.

Tips: Wear padded bike shorts underneath pants because the seat hurts. New Balance Minimus shoes are great for running & bad for biking; lack of support means that foot rubs against pedal and also hurts–wear regular tennis shoes with better foot support.

I would recommend this class to a friend looking for an intense and quick cardio work-out. Made me sweat.