Patapsco at Dogwood

The Dogwood entrance of Patapsco is tucked away 10 miles from the city. On a Saturday morning, it took us less than 30 minutes to get there–record time for a commute to a trail! Inside, we found a remarkable union of terrains: sandy beaches, rocky shores, wooded cliffs, muddy streams, tall trees, low branches, glittered pebbles, large roots, grassy plains, and all earthly hues against the backdrop of Patapsco River.  While Coach Amy and Grandcoach David navigated, I found myself in awe of this hidden gem within a runnable distance of my neighborhood.



The trails looked untouched, with no footprints to follow. We ended up forming our own trail, as Amy declared, “We’re not on the right trail, but we’re not on the wrong trail either!”