Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Boston Half-Metric Marathon

Falls Road Running sponsored a run yesterday to benefit the victims of the injured at the Boston Marathon. While the Mulligan Metric Marathon (26.2 km = 16.3 miles) had been organized months ago, the… Continue reading

A Tribute to Boston

Sunday, April 14 at sunset on the Brooklyn Bridge Dinu: You should run Boston! Sarah: Me? I can’t qualify. Not until I’m 60 maybe. Dinu: Ok, so when you’re 60. Sarah: Yes, inshaAllah.… Continue reading

Dreaming of Running

My fever is gone and I’m almost no longer biologically explosive (uh, that was probably inappropriate for a Muslim to say, but it would also be inappropriate to specify graphic details). Can’t wait… Continue reading

Post-Run vs. Sick

I woke up two days ago with a body temperature of 103.1 degrees Fahrenheit and violent expulsions that sent half of my house clothes straight to the laundry. In this 48 hour saga, I’ve missed… Continue reading