Post-Run vs. Sick

I woke up two days ago with a body temperature of 103.1 degrees Fahrenheit and violent expulsions that sent half of my house clothes straight to the laundry. In this 48 hour saga, I’ve missed two runs and learned that there is something about being sick that mimics the day after an exceedingly long run: aches and pains everywhere; fierce aggravation of the stomach; an unquenchable thirst; hallucinations of immediate recovery; a license to spend the day in bed; and a desire against the commands of my limbs to set foot under the sun. However, in most ways, being sick is nothing like the day after a run:

Post-Run During Illness
Sleep BEST in the whole world–sound as a cat in slumber. One of the reasons why I run. Fragmented by tired sprints to the bathroom.  Craving rest while unable to achieve due to piercing pains.
Hydration Water, Coconut Water, Yogurt Shakes, and everything delicious. Pedialyte and select teas.
Fuel Anything I want. My favorite is a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Could stomach nothing but small doses of honey for the first 30 hours, slowly afterwards incorporated salted potatoes.
Hallucinations 100% positive, bursts of ideas that could change the world, transiently-lived. Mixed, mostly confused. A.M. and P.M. flip at the blink of an eye.
Soreness Feels like a trophy–every muscle in pain and bruise in purple reminds me of an inclination or pertubration of the course. The pain feels strengthening. Feels like torture and I am frustrated that I cannot trace an etiology–I did not run 20 miles yesterday, so why do my legs feel sore? The pain feels weakening.
Heart Happy, energized, a little bit proud. Weak, drained, reminded of mortality, and grateful for the faculties that remain.

I’m feeling better now, alhamdullillah, and hopeful that I will get to run by the end of the week!