Hijab Keeps Me Cool on The Run

Contrary to popular opinion, wearing more helps me stay cool in the summer heat.


Here are some ways in which the head cover (i.e. veil, hijab) keeps me cool and comfortable on the run:

  • protects the head and neck from the sun
  • creates a breeze, which acts as a personal fan to evaporate the sweat
  • serves as a sweat rag
  • cools the head, thereby reducing the temperature of the core*
  • keeps my hair in place and out of my face
  • blocks bugs from my hair and ears (in the summer, this is a problem!)

Many of my friends of other faiths wear bandanas and baseball caps on the run, and these head coverings also do a part of the job. I don’t wear hijab to make my miles in the sun more comfortable; I wear it because I am a Muslim, and every now and then I realize that this blessing helps in more ways than I could have imagined.

*Kounalakis, S. N., Botonis, P. G., Koskolou, M. D., & Geladas, N. D. (2010). The effects of passive heating and head-cooling on perception of exercise in the heat. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 109(2), 183-189.