A Day in the Life of a Runner

A day in the life of a runner actually starts the day before. I set my alarm with the intention to rise with the sun. If the intention is true, the deed is done. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him said:

Actions are according to intentions, and everyone will get what was intended.” [Bukhari]


If the intention is flaky, the demons of the morning may pay a visit to my bedside; they make the case that sleep is superior. A runner casts the demons aside and jumps out of bed. More days than not, I am only a wanna-be runner who would fall prey to the whispers of the devil: sleeping is more delicious than running. In graduate school, sleep is like fruit from the forbidden tree of Paradise.

However, the life of a runner starts the day before. There is a back-up plan in place to help resist temptation–a friend is scheduled to meet me somewhere. The fear of leaving her hanging gets me out of bed.

The run proves more satisfying than sleep. It sets a pace for the day, and provides fuel and focus for 8 – 12 hours of work. When evening comes, I crave food that is satisfying and suitable for the following day’s run. The thought of a heavy stomach on a run can keep unhealthy items away. However, like the devil at dawn, a late night Snicker’s bar could extinguish good intentions.  It can tempt me to settle for junk over food.  But the life of a runner starts the day before. I have planned to keep unhealthy items out. So I eat what I have: fruits, veggies, and good fats.

Winding down with the night, I check my intentions.  I plan to press restart with the sun.