Overcoming Technical Difficulties

First the “o” on my keyboard died. For weeks I used 0 instead, ending emails t0 friends with l0ve, and av0iding pr0fessi0nal transacti0ns because they w0uld have c0me acr0ss like s0. Then I acquired an external keyboard and rejoiced in the new found bliss of 26 letters. Then my mouse rebelled–I point it right and it goes left. I could manage that. Then the machine started breathing heavy, the way I sound after a hard speed workout, like I could collapse on the spot. It’s not getting better, and I believe this might be terminal. Work has become difficult and drawing nearly impossible. So MuslimRunner has been on hold and I feel like this:


I am experimenting with an HP touchpad right now. Typing is slow, but I have all the letters and can draw with my fingers.

Today is the third day of mulberry pollen in Baltimore.  The pollen makes my eyes red, throat itch, ears clog, and nose sneeze uncontrollably; and I look forward to mulberry, the fruit.

So, verily with every difficulty there is relief. Verily with every difficulty there is relief.”  Quran, 94:5-6.