Hijabi Athletic Style

Today, around mile 13 of a 30 mile bike ride, a cardboard sign caught my attention: “Local Strawberries For Sale.” Immediately, I pulled off the course and spent half of my emergency cash on the red fleshy, uniquely shaped fruit: $2 for a half a pint. I sat on a grassy hill to rehydrate, thinking “SubhanAllah. This is better than water.”  Most bikers zoomed past the fruit stand, but one stopped, and bought the other half of my pint. She sat beside me and told me “I like your style.”

hijabhelmitI thought she meant my style of eating strawberries, so I answered, “Oh yea, strawberries are great. More refreshing than water.”

She explained, “there were many points on the ride that I wished I had something covering my ears.”

Ohhh she means she likes my hijab! I found the intended meaning quite flattering and felt extra cool in my hijabi athletic style. I thanked her, and on a normal day would have explained–my style is from God: I cover my ears everyday, not just on windy days.

However, it was a high allergy day, and I was actively sneezing stuff the same color as strawberry juice with 17 miles to go. So I did not feel like talking.

But her compliment did make my allergies feel a little bit better.