Walking is Good, Too

walking stick 2

I got an email the other day asking: do you still run? And write about it? Yes. But in the slog of adulthood, it’s taken a backseat and my writing has stowed itself in storage.

As I pick up the pace and shuffle in search of keys for ideas that have been locked up, I am reminding myself that walking is good. My mother modeled walking over my entire childhood. Any trip two miles or under, she walked without blinking an eye. Trips into the three to four mile range, she would pack saltine crackers and labneh sandwiches, put me in the stroller, and move one foot in front of the other like it was the most normal way to get from point A to point B. She walked for transportation, for meditation, for exercise, and for community. Wherever we lived, from the suburbs of Chicago, to just outside of the DC Beltway, my mom was that lady who formed and kept in motion the morning walking group.

In this struggle to regain my runner pace and routine from Baltimore days, I am reminding myself that walking is good, too. And walking like my mama – that’s epic.