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Stairs Suicides

When I was little, my favorite activity in gym class went by the name of Suicides. It took place on a basketball court and involved running back and fourth from one line to… Continue reading

The Miles in Milestones

In the past six months, I wrote and defended my dissertation alhamdullillah. I studied the effect of volunteering on brain health and cognition in older adults, and found that volunteering improves executive functions.… Continue reading

Hijabi Athletic Style

Today, around mile 13 of a 30 mile bike ride, a cardboard sign caught my attention: “Local Strawberries For Sale.” Immediately, I pulled off the course and spent half of my emergency cash… Continue reading

Learning How To Swim

I learned to swim three times. 5 years old. In the neighborhood pool in Columbia, Missouri, my mom tried to teach me the gentle way. She used to take me to the pool… Continue reading

Hotel Bootcamp

I am en route to Mekkah, the holiest place on Earth. No one goes to Mekkah with plans to run. On my way there with a marathon in 7 weeks, I do not… Continue reading

Spinning Class

While training for my upcoming 50K , I’ve realized that I need to cross-train on the non-running days. Conveniently, my friend Sakinah convinced me to join the Hopkins Homewood Gym. I get terribly… Continue reading