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Boston Half-Metric Marathon

Falls Road Running sponsored a run yesterday to benefit the victims of the injured at the Boston Marathon. While the Mulligan Metric Marathon (26.2 km = 16.3 miles) had been organized months ago, the… Continue reading

Post-Run vs. Sick

I woke up two days ago with a body temperature of 103.1 degrees Fahrenheit and violent expulsions that sent half of my house clothes straight to the laundry. In this 48 hour saga, I’ve missed… Continue reading

Prayer: Unintended Benefits

During recovery week, I had an epiphany: just as prayer rejuvenates the soul, it also rejuvenates the body. While standing still with my feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart, hands folded right over left across… Continue reading

My First Trail Race: Seneca Creek 50K

I don’t usually write long posts; but 50 kilometers (actually 35 miles) is a long time, so here we go! The day began just like any other, with wudhu (ablution), prayer, and a… Continue reading

Ginger Date Chews

For a long time, I’ve been working to develop a ginger chew recipe, and I’m thrilled with this latest concoction, inspired by Iraqi date-based desserts. Pit and smash dates Crush fresh ginger root… Continue reading

The Verdict on Gym Classes

With the start of February, my unlimited gym class membership has expired, and I have decided not to renew. While I enjoyed many of the exercises, and especially the strength and pain that… Continue reading

Stony Run Trail in the Dark

Fitting in enough miles on weekdays to make it to work by 9am sometimes means running before sunrise, just after Fajr (dawn). Last week, Amy pitched a radical idea that has since become… Continue reading


Although warned of low temperatures and high winds, we were blessed 2 Saturdays ago with a sunny day, perfect for Patuxent, the longest river located entirely in Maryland. The adventure started with… Continue reading

Free Beer at the Finish

For my 3rd year in a row, I partook in the Baltimore Running Festival last Saturday. Like every year, the course felt like a party all along: runners dressed up in colorful apparel… Continue reading

Running in Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of spiritual training more than physical training.  For one month, we abstain from food and drink from dawn to sunset, and devote the extra time to focus on serving… Continue reading