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Fasting 5K: Fulfilling Like a 50K

On Saturday, I joined a friend for the Washington D.C. Fasting 5k, a run for charity in Ramadan. When I arrived it felt like the start of a trail marathon. There was a… Continue reading

My First Trail Race: Seneca Creek 50K

I don’t usually write long posts; but 50 kilometers (actually 35 miles) is a long time, so here we go! The day began just like any other, with wudhu (ablution), prayer, and a… Continue reading

Patapsco at Dogwood

The Dogwood entrance of Patapsco is tucked away 10 miles from the city. On a Saturday morning, it took us less than 30 minutes to get there–record time for a commute to a… Continue reading


The map of Rosaryville is simple: the trail wraps around the state park in a 9-mile loop with only a few branches that also lead back to the start. So it is impossible… Continue reading

Stony Run Trail in the Dark

Fitting in enough miles on weekdays to make it to work by 9am sometimes means running before sunrise, just after Fajr (dawn). Last week, Amy pitched a radical idea that has since become… Continue reading


Although warned of low temperatures and high winds, we were blessed 2 Saturdays ago with a sunny day, perfect for Patuxent, the longest river located entirely in Maryland. The adventure started with… Continue reading

Trail Run Pack List*

*adopted from Amy with some modifications Honey (tiny jar to carry on run, and large jar for after) Coconut water Vaseline Watch Tissue in zip lock Extra zip locks Towel Change of clothes,… Continue reading