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Hotel Bootcamp

I am en route to Mekkah, the holiest place on Earth. No one goes to Mekkah with plans to run. On my way there with a marathon in 7 weeks, I do not… Continue reading

Ultra-Marathon Intention

InshaAllah (Godwilling), I am running the Seneca Creek 50K on March 2, 2013. For a long time, I have been drawn to the simplicity of trail races–no t-shirts, medals, stickers, plastic cups, or… Continue reading

(Lack of) Progress Report

Since my debilitating “blister break,” I’ve had the hardest time sticking to my plan: taking forever to get out the door, lacking rhythm during the run, and even calling the day off more… Continue reading

National Marathon Training Schedule

The National Marathon is just 7 weeks away, and so far, I have had issues adhering to my schedule.  I am more likely to follow through if I broadcast to the world wide… Continue reading