Vella Shpringa Full Moon Run

On Memorial Day, Amy and I ran 8(ish) miles with the Vella Shpringa* Running Club and special guests Chris McDougall and Scott Jurek. Chris wrote one of my favorite books: Born to Run.  Scott… Continue reading

Boston Half-Metric Marathon

Falls Road Running sponsored a run yesterday to benefit the victims of the injured at the Boston Marathon. While the Mulligan Metric Marathon (26.2 km = 16.3 miles) had been organized months ago, the… Continue reading

A Tribute to Boston

Sunday, April 14 at sunset on the Brooklyn Bridge Dinu: You should run Boston! Sarah: Me? I can’t qualify. Not until I’m 60 maybe. Dinu: Ok, so when you’re 60. Sarah: Yes, inshaAllah.… Continue reading

Dreaming of Running

My fever is gone and I’m almost no longer biologically explosive (uh, that was probably inappropriate for a Muslim to say, but it would also be inappropriate to specify graphic details). Can’t wait… Continue reading

Post-Run vs. Sick

I woke up two days ago with a body temperature of 103.1 degrees Fahrenheit and violent expulsions that sent half of my house clothes straight to the laundry. In this 48 hour saga, I’ve missed… Continue reading

Prayer: Unintended Benefits

During recovery week, I had an epiphany: just as prayer rejuvenates the soul, it also rejuvenates the body. While standing still with my feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart, hands folded right over left across… Continue reading

My First Trail Race: Seneca Creek 50K

I don’t usually write long posts; but 50 kilometers (actually 35 miles) is a long time, so here we go! The day began just like any other, with wudhu (ablution), prayer, and a… Continue reading

Ginger Date Chews

For a long time, I’ve been working to develop a ginger chew recipe, and I’m thrilled with this latest concoction, inspired by Iraqi date-based desserts. Pit and smash dates Crush fresh ginger root… Continue reading

Patapsco at Dogwood

The Dogwood entrance of Patapsco is tucked away 10 miles from the city. On a Saturday morning, it took us less than 30 minutes to get there–record time for a commute to a… Continue reading


The map of Rosaryville is simple: the trail wraps around the state park in a 9-mile loop with only a few branches that also lead back to the start. So it is impossible… Continue reading