Running in Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of spiritual training more than physical training.  For one month, we abstain from food and drink from dawn to sunset, and devote the extra time to focus on serving… Continue reading

Toot! Fruit!

One of my favorite things about running is discovering nature, especially wild fruit.  Currently in season: TOOT!  Also known as mulberries.  Variable in color from sparkly whites and golden yellows to dark violets… Continue reading

Mental Health

Sleeping Through the Sunrise

Has happened to me just about everyday this week!  Working on getting back on a runner’s schedule since my Spring Break hiatus.  

More Muslim Women Marathon!

At the recent National Marathon in Washington D.C., with sights of The White House, Capitol, Senate, and House buildings; monuments of presidents and visionaries; and the historic river that still partitions this same… Continue reading

(Lack of) Progress Report

Since my debilitating “blister break,” I’ve had the hardest time sticking to my plan: taking forever to get out the door, lacking rhythm during the run, and even calling the day off more… Continue reading

Universal Muslim Season

When Muslims pass each other, we greet one another with peace: “AsalaamuAlaikum.”  Getting or giving a greeting of peace from a stranger makes my day. I always say AsalaamuAlaikum to women that are… Continue reading

I will inshaAllah

I used to think that running could solve all my problems: discipline, focus, time management, stress reliever, anxiety evaporator, immune system booster, body toner, fierce challenger, constant helper, social connector, creativity outlet, opportunity… Continue reading

Popcorn Cereal

I love cereal, but I don’t typically buy it.  When I do, I reserve the box for breakfast only.  Something about store cereal is so addictive; like Oreos.  So I recently developed my… Continue reading

National Marathon Training Schedule

The National Marathon is just 7 weeks away, and so far, I have had issues adhering to my schedule.  I am more likely to follow through if I broadcast to the world wide… Continue reading