Walking is Good, Too

I got an email the other day asking: do you still run? And write about it? Yes. But in the slog of adulthood, it’s taken a backseat and my writing has stowed itself… Continue reading

Fasting 5K: Fulfilling Like a 50K

On Saturday, I joined a friend for the Washington D.C. Fasting 5k, a run for charity in Ramadan. When I arrived it felt like the start of a trail marathon. There was a… Continue reading

The Sanctity of Life

50 killed in Florida Gay Club; Deadliest Mass Shooting in U.S.; Gunman Killed 50; Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting: 50 killed; Orlando Shooting Killed 50; At Least 50 Killed in Attack on Gay Nightclub… Continue reading

Muhammad Ali The Servant

“How long is eternity?” Muhammad Ali asked and answered, “Let’s imagine, take the Sahara Desert. There’s a lot of sand on the Sahara Desert. Now imagine, that one grain of sand represents one… Continue reading

Active Freedom

The other day, NPR interviewed me for an upcoming show on running and spirituality. At the end of our conversation, the producer asked a final question, “What do you get from running that… Continue reading

Night Prayers

This Ramadan, for the first time in several years, I attended night prayers daily at the masjid. After years of praying solo or with small groups in makeshift spaces, like the dance studio… Continue reading

Wheel of Ramadan

Today I wrote down my goals for Ramadan. At first, all I could think of was increasing religious acts—I put numbers on verses of the Quran to memorize, chapters to read, and rounds… Continue reading

Surviving Anything Worthwhile

I gave a talk recently called “Surviving The PhD.” I drew a hijabi crossing monkey bars. Before I start, I am ready with open arms, I believe I can accomplish the feat ahead… Continue reading

While I Was Away

When I visit Twitter after a hiatus, the algorithm fills me in on what happened “while you were away.” On MuslimRunner, here is what happened: February: A blizzard erupted halfway through the George… Continue reading

Stairs Suicides

When I was little, my favorite activity in gym class went by the name of Suicides. It took place on a basketball court and involved running back and fourth from one line to… Continue reading