I shop in Men’s

Today a representative from Under Armour’s female clothing line joined my running group to share some samples and ask for feedback.  Around mile 4, I explained to her that as a Muslim woman, I have a hard time finding comfortable shirts and pants in the women’s section: everything is made way too tight.  She thought about it, and went through different options

  • Yoga sweatpants–light and loose, but not made out of technical fabrics
  • Winter running pants–“only tight around the hips so that they stay on, then they’re loose at the legs”
  • No luck in shirts; perhaps jackets.

I explained that I prefer technical lightweight fabrics, and need the pants to remain loose from hips to ankels for full religious and athletic comfort.  After trying on hundreds of women’s running pants and tops, I finally discovered that they don’t make what I want, so I turned to another avenue: MEN’S!

“Really? How interesting.”

Yup, I buy all my running stuff (except socks, shoes, hats, and stuff like that) from the men’s section, where they actually make pants that are loose the whole way through, and shirts that don’t stick to the skin.

How do the pants “stay on” even though they’re not tight at the hips?  Why is clothing made tight for women and loose for men?  Until we establish equal clothing options for men and women, I have no problem shopping in men’s.  Any other ladies wish we had equal options in women’s?