The map of Rosaryville is simple: the trail wraps around the state park in a 9-mile loop with only a few branches that also lead back to the start. So it is impossible to get really lost. However, it is possible to get fake lost–like when you lag a couple minutes behind a pro ultra runner, and find yourself at a junction with a choice to make. Say, take the left path instead of the right… That’s what I did last Saturday, when I found myself with wobbly legs after our second loop on the trail, searching an empty parking lot for Amy. After running back to the junction of indecision for a few minutes, I opted to hurry back to the parking lot because the chances of reaching her there would be better than in the thickness of the woods. Phone-less, I waited for people, and asked each if they had seen a female runner wearing blue running alone–she’s short, she has short hair, and her name is Amy, and I’m looking for her, and my name is Sarah! A few minutes later, Amy appeared, and grateful, I congratulated her on her extra mileage 🙂







Bathrooms: one porta potty in the parking lot.
: winding, hilly, and both comfortably runnable and adrenaline-inducing.
People: few and far in between, made more distant by the trail’s twists and turns. Shared with bikers.
Animals: plenty of paw prints, exactly on the same path that we ran! Maybe raccoons and rabbits.

Getting fake lost was a good lesson and prepared me for the possibility of getting really lost!