Toot! Fruit!

One of my favorite things about running is discovering nature, especially wild fruit.  Currently in season: TOOT!  Also known as mulberries.  Variable in color from sparkly whites and golden yellows to dark violets and rosy reds; size from 1/3 of a pinky finger to 2/3 of an index digit; taste from fragrantly tart to candy sweet.         

The iphone rendition of toot, taken by Qiana.

I have foraged on mulberries during my runs  in many cities all across North America, though I find that these native trees are most abundant in wooded areas.  The powerful aroma combined with the slippery carpet of fallen fruit makes these trees hard to miss.  After a few miles of running in the sun, a toot tree always provides the most perfect burst of refreshing energy.  Be careful when picking toot because the ripe fruit is so delicate that it snaps off with even the slightest movement of the bough.  Hurry up for a taste because the season is fleeting: we should expect around 7 more days of toot in Baltimore.